Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Starblazer Adventures!

Secret Project #1 has been unveiled thanks to the ink having dried!

Gigantic fleets prowl the starlanes, dying captains rally the crews of stricken starships, heroic pilots pull off death defying attacks on planet size monsters, mysterious aliens devise inexplicable fates for humankind, star marines descend on secret pirate bases, devilish scientists operate enormous engines of destruction, swashbuckling princes defend their world from vast empires…

Sound familiar? Of course it does! Starblazer, published by the Scottish city Dundee based publisher D.C.Thompson was the home to some of the best science fiction space opera of the 1970’s, before it finally closed in 1981. Featuring stunning full colour covers and black and white interior art, artists such as Enrique Alcatena, Grant Morrison, Alan Rogers, Jaime Oritz, Ian Kennedy, Colin MacNeil and Casanovas helped bring the fantastic ‘space fiction adventure in pictures’ to life.

The officially licenced Starblazer roleplaying game, being published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment, allows you to relive those classic stories of sci-fi derring do, using the much loved FATE 3.0 rules system, tweaked to give you the full intergalactic meal deal.

With over 281 stories to delve in to we’ve also detailed the vast galactic empires across the ages described by the comics, giving you a wide variety of genres to explore. From space fantasy themed epics, to low fi space exploration to galaxy busting wars threatening the very core of civilisation there is plenty for everyone. You’ll even find a pile of ready to run adventures straight from the pages of Starblazer to get you in the mood.

Does Starblazer sound like every other sci-fi game? You bet! It includes all those great elements you’ve loved but never seen in one place. Does it have some of the most incredible art this side of the galaxy? Of course! Some of the world’s greatest sci-fi artists contributed to the pages and covers of Starblazer and we’re using that art to illustrate your adventures in the Starblazer universe.

As well as the introductory and advanced rules, you’ll find maps, galactic histories, stories of civilizations spanning thousands of years, technology from across time and space, details of the equipment and starships of the human civilisations and their alien neighbours, and optional simple rules that will also allow you to lead an armada, plan a network of secret bases, thwart a galaxy wide conspiracy or hold off hordes of terrifying creatures. We’ve also provided some tips on finding and recruiting people to experience the fun of Starblazer adventures and ideas on how to make your time together that much more enjoyable.

In this community you’ll find updates on the action, and releases, backstories, development news, comments from previous writers, excerpts from original scripts and through exclusive interviews we’ll reveal some of the hidden treasures of the Starblazer stories.

The adventures don’t stop here, online at the official website launching later this year you’ll find downloadable accessories, excerpts of comic strips, rules supplements, adventures, a fan community and much more bringing the Starblazer universe to life and giving you the tools to extend your gaming experience.

In short Starblazer is your gateway to a rock n roll sci-fi adventure that will bring friends together as you save the galaxy in new and dangerous ways! Watch out for Starblazer later this year.

We also have a myspace page at and will have a dedicated website, Wiki and Forum coming soon :)

Apart from the license, which has some really amazing background material, I'm really psyked to be using the FATE system. If anyone has seen a copy of Spirit of the Century RPG they'll know what I mean.

Anyway, good fun and lots of work to do. Hopefully we'll be announcing another license fairly soon too. 2007 is the year of many plans ;p

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