Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Went Bowling...

Last night Rosie and myself met up with a couple of our neighbours (Dave and Marysa who live opposite us) and went bowling.

Now I've not bowled since the mid-90's and everyone else hadn't bowled for a good number of years either. Boy did it show. I didn't hit a single pin with my first three balls!!!

The first game was quite close between Dave and Rosie for first place (Rosie ended up winning) and was fairly close between myself and Marysa for fourth until Marysa managed to break away and leave me on a very lowly score after the ten rounds.

Luckily we had booked two games so I had a chance to redeem myself after my 'practice' game (ahem...).

Actually the second game was much better and much closer too - with everyone pretty much breathing diwn each others necks for most of the game. I was lucky and got a strike (or two) that helped me get clear from the pack and by the last turn I was a good 16 points clear from second place. The scores were still not anything to write home about though!

It was a really fun evening and I'm pretty sure we'll be heading off to the bowling alleys again in the near future (certainly won't be leaving it 12 years until my next game!). I'm certain that we'll improve with every game we play for a bit whilst we get the hang of it. So, if anyone local (North London) fancies joining an irregular bowling meet let me know and we can all arrange stuff! :p

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