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Trainers and Mrs. Miller

Most of you (if not all of you) will never have seen me in trainers. I dislike trainers. The only time I ever wear them is for the gym or when playing football. I have never worn them casually or socially...... until today :-(

I got partway to work in my DMs this mroning and I just had to turn around and change into trainers. The rest of the staff here have already exclaimed their disbelief at my foot wear. My heels are still too mashed from breaking in my New Rocks to wear anything other than slippers or trainers..... So if I end up going gigging tonight in trainers please take pity .... :-(

At woirk right now we're also being inflicted/graced with the sounds of Mrs Miller. One of the guys won it off ebay. For those who don't know Mrs Miller is an American housewife (aging) who covers classic songs. This in itself doesn't endear her to me but what's made her famous is the way she sings them. She is completely out of key on every note and this somehow, perversely, makes her covers strangely irristable. She's very popular in the student circuit over in the States apparently.....

I should be finishing work early today as I have to run down to Camden quickly to pick something up for a friend and then go and see Sarah before heading to the Antiworld gig this evening. Yay for half days! (of course this means I should be working now instead of typing this...ahem!).

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