Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gigs and Weekend Plans

I have two really cracking gigs to go to this week.

First off, this evening, is The Editors at The Roundhouse. I saw The Editors just under two years ago as a support band and they were amazing. I'm really glad they've become successful and can't wait to see them again. A friend, who has heard an advance copy of their sceond album, also informed me that they sound even more like Joy Division than they did on their debut - which is 100% fine with me. can't wait :)

Then tomorrow I go to see one of my all-time favourite bands - they are amongst the top live acts I've ever seen and their albums are some of the most played in my collection. Tomorrow is Fields of the Nephilim at The Astoria. Now that is going to be one hell of a night :D

I'm working on Saturday this weekend but as it's a bank holiday here I get Sunday and Monday off. One of those days I'm going to spend with Rosie either going somewhere green (like Hampstead Heath or to Alexandra Palace for the view) the other I'm dedicating to Cubicle 7 work. I'd also like to try and catch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 this weekend - which will probably be one of the morning performances on eitehr Sunday or Monday I guess. I also quite fancy seeing Zodiac.

Last night Rosie's parents were in town so came and stayed. We went out for a Turkish in the evening which was very nice. I've met her mother, briefly, before but had never met her father as he works in Kazakhstan and is only back in the UK every 5-6 weeks or so. He seems a very nice man and apparently our sense of humour is along the same lines (which, according to Rosie, is a pretty dire :p).

Anyway, Rosie is now at work. Her parents are on a train back to the Midlands and I should really be doing some work myself (even if this is my day off :p).

Hope everyone is well in LJ-land and to catch up with some of you soon!


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