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Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End

Best of the bunch by miles and has, currently, clinched the #1 spot of the movies I've seen at the cinema so far this year. Fairly unexpected as I thought Pirates 2 was rather so-so.

Great film. Good laughs. Good acting. Great special effects/CGI.

I loved the bits in Singapore :)

Won't say anymore about it as I'm sure there are plenty of people on my f-list who haven't caught it yet. Oh, and yes, there is a bit right at the end of the credits so if those little 'extra' moments are your thing it's certainly worth sitting right through to the end.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End
2. Apocalypto
3. Babel
4. 28 Weeks Later
5. Spiderman 3
6. 300
7. This Is England
8. Outlaw
9. Hot Fuzz
10. Sunshine
11. Deja Vu

After we dropped everyone off Rosie and myself drove into London and went shopping in Oxford Street. Rosie is now the proud owner of a Nintendo DS and Nintendogs (which she's been wanting for ages). I picked up a few DVDs that were going reasonably cheap (Band of Brothers, Carnivale Season 2, The Village, A Scanner Darkly, The Black Dahlia and anotehr copy of A City of Lost Children in French with English subtitles as the copy I had is dubbed - aarrgg!).

Anyway, time to go and cook some supper for us both. Beginning to get a bit peckish...bye!


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