Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Dreams Dreams Dreams

What a weird night for dreams. I had four very distinct, very realistic dreams.

One of which saw me as a supernatural detective (think Harry Dresden I reckon) on the trail of a mass murderer. The tricky bit was that the mass muderer was largely incorporeal apart from when he committed the crimes and could phase in and out of our reality and the Other Side. There was one bit when I was leaning over his latest  victim and I could hear him getting closer and closer with deep resonating wheezing sounds getting louder with each phasing in. Woke me up shit scared!

Another was slightly more 'Heroes'-esque. I was with a group of people with superhuman abilities who were on the run from an agency which was tracking us down and killing us. The most significant characters I can remember was Rosie ([info]imagnocean) , a rather fat guy who was always terrified he'd be caught, and a girl who was a girl during the day but a guy at night (that was her power?). Anyway, I remember having a major arguement with Rosie about what we should be doing and she stormed out to go to a dancing lesson in an old warehouse where fatman was currently also hiding out in. Scene shift to fatman being cornered by the 'Agency' and basically selling us all out for his own life. He traded the fact he'd pass information to them about us if they let him live. His first bit of info was where Rosie was. So as the poor girl was dancing a bundle of agents burst in, fought her (she had some really good fighting powers) and then decapitated her with a katana. I, back in the hideout, had a vision of this and was, as you could imagine, less than happy. In fact I ended up rushing to the warehouse with a girl who could regenerate and a kid who was a speedster (could move very fast) and confronted fatman who claimed he'd hidden away when the Agency had broken through and couldn't have done anything to stop it. In my anger, and also disbelief at him as I knew he was a worthless cowed, I fried him (I had flame powers) and burnt the entire building down. I then progressed on a rampage/crusade against the Agency taking the fight to them with anyone else who wanted to join me instead of trying to run and hide.

The other two dealt with cats (of the usual variety luckily) and a mildly homo-erotic 'coming of age' dream which also involved a friend of mine who later became a policeman. Odd.
Tags: dreams

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