Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Gaming) Monte Cook's World of Darkness - - - in d20???

When it was announced that Monte Cook was teaming up with White Wolf to publish a 'new look' reinvention of the World of Darkness I was really fired up about the idea. I alwasy like seeing 'alternative' looks into familiar things and the whole 'What If?' angle.

I also thought it would be a nice product that would hopefully breathe a bit of life into the genre with something fresh and interesting.

In short, I was sold. I haven't brought (and kept) a WW product since they wrapped up the old World of Darkness setting several years ago (I started to buy the new stuff and then sold it all and stopped because if I ever run or play Vampire again it'll be using the old setting as I know it inside out). This was a chance to reinvigorate my passion!

But today the coffin has been firmly renailed shut.

Monte Cook's World of Darkness is apparently going to be a d20/OGL product!!!


Who in their right minds at White Wolf thought that was going to be a good idea???

d20 World of Darkness? The d20 market is dying a very big death. Sales of d20 products have pretty come to a standstill outside a few core companies and (apparently) the PDF industry. The bulk of World of Darkness fans aren't interested in d20 and the bulk of d20 fans aren't interested in the Wold of Darkness...Especially an 'alternative' WoD setting! Maybe if they'd done a core WoD setting book it may have attract some people.

I've been doing a starw poll with customers (and staff) in the shop today since I learnt of the d20 angle and we haven't had one person who thinks this is a good idea.

I hope I'm wrong but this has really annoyed me.

I know some of the guys and gals from White Wolf read this Blog so if you are reading this please can you let me know the thinking behind this move?

Alternative setting - good/brilliant idea!
Using d20 and not the Storyteller system - terrible idea and probably about 4 years too late!

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