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Return to the Single Life...

imagnocean / Rosie has now posted so I guess it's now my turn to let the world know that we've split up and she's moving back to Leicester in about three weeks time.

It really hurts but, sadly, it's the best thing for both of us. We love each other dearly but there have been some issues which aren't easily resolved. Combine this with Rosie's immense homesickness for all of her Leicester friends, the lack of a decent job opportunity and her feeling ill at ease with me paying her rent hard decisions were made.

I knew it was coming and we'd spoken about this - and other things - a few weeks ago. So in some ways I've had time to prepare myself for the inevitable.

I know a number of Rosie's friends are on my LJ and I really want you all to give her a hug and support when she moves back.

She was incredibly brave making the move down to London to be with me and the four months that she's been here - and the nine months we'll have spent together by the time she moves back - have been brilliant in many ways.

We're perfect companions and friends. Even if we can't be any more than that.

We are STILL incredibly good friends and I'll really feel the Rosie-shaped hole in the house and my life when she's gone. I really, truly, hope that we will be able to remain great friends beyond this. I certainly think we will.

The remaining few weeks that she's here are going to be spent making memories and doing some of the things that we said we wanted to do in London but hadn't gotten round to doing.

I love her but I know this is the best decision for her, and probably for me. It hurts and it's going to hurt for some time.

I wish her all the best and I really, really hope to be great friends for many years to come.

I love Rosie. Thanks for sharing your time and love with me.


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