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Saturday update

Been an odd sort of day. First Saturday in a while that I've not been working (Leisure Games work in this case) and I had a number of different plans or offers.

I managed to get out for lunch with 

weaselbitch and dodgyhoodoo at The Tally Ho. I'm actually looking forward to the smoking ban that comes into place in England and Wales in three hours time. It'll be nice walking into a pub without being assailed by a wall of smoke. Only hope the pubs have something in place to freshen up the smell that the stench of smoke actually hides in many pubs!!!

Dom was supposed to come over this evening for some Memoir '44 but I got home with a stinking headache (which I'm undecided whether it's a headache or actually toothache - although both have now, thankfully, cleared up somewhat without the aid of medication) and bailed on him. Feel bad about it but I had a hurt head and was feeling cranky. Didn't want to submit anyone to a Cranky Angus!

Rosie got home from work and has now headed up to Leicester to drop the first batch of her things off and catch up with Amy and co. Her full move is just over a week away now so no doubt they'll be plenty of tears, hugs and putting on brave faces for the next ten days.

So this evening sees me 'home alone'. I've raided my CD collection and dug out Republica's debut CD (yeah, the one with 'Ready To Go' on :p) as I've had a hankering to listen to it for the last few days. I loved Republica and have some very fond memories of them live (including crowd surfing at Reading Fesrival to them - they were so much heavier and rockier live!). I've also got some 30 Seconds To Mars lined-up afterwards as I've really gotten into them recently (besides Jared Leto being uber-cool the music pretty fine to my ears ;p).

Anyway, I'm rambling and should really try and do some work tonight as I'm at home. It's not like I've got nothing to do at the moment! (Oh for those days...)

I also discovered it'd be cheaper for me to actually rent an office in Finchley than us ethe spare room as an office and pay the extra rent on the house. So I may start looking around at office space and (once found) start looking around for a new housemate.



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