Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Update and Facebook

General Update
Leg/hip feeling much better, still a bit painful but not nearly as bad the last couple of days. Unfortunately it has meant the cancellation of Rosie and myself heading up to Ludicrus in ipswich as I was in no state to spend a weekend lugging boxes about into/out of vans, setting up stands and spending most of the weekend on my feet.
Not going does allow us to spend some time together before she moves on Tuesday/Wednesday though (which is good) and also allows her more time to sort out packing and stuff. So my leg was probably a good thing in hindsight.

Am loving it. I've got quite a few friends on there who aren't on LJ so it's actually a worthwhile addition (unlike Myspace which is only useful for music plus a couple of non-LJ/Facebook friends). Plus two of my sisters are on Facebook and Lady Bug and, well a host of others :)

It'll never replace LJ for me as my main site (as it's not great for general blogging) but it's certainly been a very good addition.

Anyway, back to work. Catch you guys and gals later!

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