Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

I Am God, But Alas The Pollen Makes Me Sneezeth...

As seen on samvail's LJ I am clearly a God. I beat back not only him but many generations of his forefathers into submission before CHOOSING to allow someone victory as I have things to do before Armageddon you know...

I also think I may have developed hayfever. I've never had it before but I am wheezey, a bit sneezey and my eyes feel slightly puffy and watery. It's incredibly humid down here and really REALLY in need for a very big storm to help clear the air. I know you can get hayfever at anypoint in your life and I fear my point may have arrived.

In other news Victoriana has been laid to bed and we're waiting for a proof copy to come back from the printers. We're on for a GenCon Indy launch and all is well :) Many thanks to Andy P (Line Developer) and Gabby (Graphic Designer) for all their hard work as well as all the other writers, artists, proofreaders and everyone else involved in the book. The final stretch is now clearly in sight :)

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