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Another Day, Another Dollar

Well, I never got round to doing anything on the magazine column last night and have been busily working away this evening. I've decided to 'Take 5' and charm you all with my second update.

Well perhaps 'charm' is the wrong word to use ;-p

Anyway we're being a productive household today. My flatmate is a freelance artist (having quit his computer game deisgning job last month) and is busily drawing away in the living room. He's completed a load of work recently for a number of RPG companies (Eden Studios, Privateer Press, FanPro, Bottled Imp, Mongoose Publishing....) but is waiting for further instructions from one of the companies before he can finish their commissions. As such he's been working on one of the projects that we'll be releasing around Christmas time. The art looks great (as always with Dave) and when I can announce things I will do here as well as on the company website (which I'm hoping to have fully operational and on-line by the end of summer) and on various newsgroups and sites which I lurk in.

If you are interested in seeing any of Dave's work he has an on-line portfolio at

Apart from doing this magazine piece I've also received a contract for one of the games we're licensing. The game currently exists in two non-English editions with a French edition being released later in the year. If all goes well (and there's nothing currently indicating it won't go well) we should have the English rights signed and sealed within the next couple of weeks. It's a great concept but the amount I can say about it suffers the same way as the work Dave is working on. Ergo, I can't say anything until the ink has dried.

For those of you who might not know, I'm planning on leaving Leisure Games (the place of my part- or full-time employment since I was 14!) later this summer to concentrate on my own company. It'll be a big change for me as it'll also mean that I'll be living outside of London for the first time in my adult life. The only times I've lived outside of London were a brief six-month stint in the US when I was 12 and for the first couple of years of my life when I lived in a small village in Suffolk. Not that I can remember the latter very well....

Anyway, back to work.

Until next time folks!

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