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(RPG) Return to thoughts about Mongoose's Licenses...

Mongoose Publishing posted an interesting 'teaser' on their blog today with the news of two licenses they are getting close to signing.

They didn't state what these licenses were but did state that neither was their alledged 'Holy Grail.

One is obviously a previously published game which they are keen to use the games system as a third core engine for some of their future titles (ala the RuneQuest and d20 systems they currently use). Now there are very systems that you could acquire that would actually be of easy use to a multitude of titles. Even fewer of those are probably available to purchase or license. Now I have my idea on what it might be, but the system I have in mind is (as I understand it) in limbo until September time when the holding company is hopefully in a position (legally and time wise) to negotiate a deal regarding it. But I'm eager on hearing what otehr people think it might be?

The other license looks like it's a property of somekind. Possibly TV/Film, possibly novel or comic. Not sure. This is what Matt Sprange wrote of it though "This licence (the one I went down to London for) has been a very, very big favourite for many of the guys here at Mongoose for a very long time. In fact, it is difficult to say just why we did not approach XXX about the licence before now. Anyway, using the RuneQuest system at its core, this will be a very wide ranging licence, covering numerous games/settings and, I think it is fair to say, there will be something for everyone among these books."

So any ideas on what that one could be?

I'm just hoping it's not one that we're going after!!! :p

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