Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


The ENNIE AWARDS voting process is currently in full swing - as any of you who read any Gaming Blogs or News Sites is probably aware by now.

This years crop of nominees is really impressive. There are lots of very good games in there which has made my selection incredibly hard.

Even more so when I take into account that I am friends with, or work with, a whole bundle of the people and/or companies behind several of the games. Having 'by the Award winning author/publisher of...' stuck on the front cover of your book or pitch is a nice extra advertising tool apart from anything else :p

Anyway, after much soul searching I've cast my votes and will now have my fingers crossed for the announcements and Award ceremony which take place at GenCon in Indinapolis in mid-August. I think some of the Indie Games are going to sweep up due to the grass roots campaigning and fanaticism of their fans. It'll be interesting to see though.

This year Cubicle 7 isn't nominated in any catergory. We only published our first new book about six/seven weeks ago so we're a bit fresh faced for it. Hopefully next year we'll change that though as we have a number of really cool products in the works and will hopefully have established ourselves more by this time next year :)

So if you're into gaming go over to the ENNIE site and cast your vote.

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