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Weekending and Week Begining

After last weekends of hectic activty this weekend has been a blissfully quiet one.

Friday night saw dj_steve_rbn , painted_bird  and Sarah come over and join pond823  and myself to watch Withnail & I and general TV bollocks. Just chilling, chatting and drinbking. Although Steve never did tell me what's in the 'GREEN DRINK' (tm).

Saturday saw Sarah and myself travel into Muswell Hill for lunch with mrsdominic and hubby Dominic. Went to a very nice Italian restuarant whose servings were certainly on the generous size. Stuffed was certainly the word :-p Afterwards we headed up to The Phoenix Bar in Alexander Palace to drink soothing alcohol (albeit in plastic pint glasses!) and look out at the vista of London. You can see the entire city from Alexander Palace. Canary Warf, The City, Post Office Tower and beyond. Pretty much everything from the West to east of the city and pretty far south too. Great views, and it reminded me why I used to be a regular drinker up there in the mid-90's.

We then hit another pub (the O'Neills in Muswell Hill which is in an old converted church - great place for a pub!) I reckon all churches should be converted into pubs. It'd certainly see them packed for the first time in their histories ;-p

Today sees me back in work with a total lack of air conditioning. It's so bloody humid but I've equipped myself with a couple of litres of water and a baguette from SubWay so I should survive. Still need to do a write-up of last weekends activities *and* The Antiworld gig that I went to prior to that! This week is also potentially seeing a lot of live music action with Claytown troupe (Weds), Ozric Tentacles (Thurs) and The Blue Oyster Culy (Suns) all on the cards along with a possible trip to see Life of Agony. And of course the wonderful b-movie will fit in nicely on friday night.


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