Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Emilie Autumn & The Transfromers...

I headed down to Camden last night to see Emilie Autumn at The Underworld with corone. The Underworld was fairly crowded (packed in the lower stage level - you couldn't get down the stairs!) but not overly so that you couldn't get to the bar. Which even if the bands are great is still something to take into consideration :p

We missed the first support band but caught Lahannya whom, even though the lead singer was ill, were impressive. I really liked their sound and reckoned that a decently produced and mixed CD would be very good (and I wasn't entirely wrong as I picked up their CD "Shotgun Reality" after the gig and after one listen it's certainly made me want to listen to it again with positive thoughts).

Emilie Autumn herself was a bit of a mixed bag. She was very good but the performance was blunted for me a bit by the fact that she HAD NO BAND and was SINGING TO BACKING TAPES which played the music. Instead of A BAND on stage she was joined by three women who put on more of an art performance show as well as providing some backing singing. Now as fun as it might have been I still prefer LIVE music where if the artist uses real instruments to record their album those instruments are utilised in their live performance. I want guitarists and drummers and whatnot!

Still, Emilie's was vocally very good and was quite witty and was definetly sickeningly cute. Plus I got to bump into loads of old friends whom I'd not seen in ages - including a few of my poor suffering LJ friends (poor and siffering because they my friends on LJ not for anything else you understand...).

Also bumped into Seth and Ollie after the gig and ended up in the Worlds End for a pint before heading homeward.

Today was Transformers Day! The previews are being shown this weekend in the UK before the full release next week. Despite what was initially going to be a fair sized posse going to the film it ended up with myself and alexmatt- not that I minded as Alex was fine company. Also to the others who said they'd come but couldn't make it for whatever reason - you not only missed a VERY VERY good film but a sneak peek at "The Pitch" I've been talking about recently as Dom and Elaine were also at the cinema for the Harry Potter film at the same time and Dom passed over my copy of it. It's very nice (and I'm still not saying what it's for :p).

Transfromers is FAB! I've never seen the cartoon but the film was brilliant. Pretty much everything I could want from a giant robot action film really. I'm certainly up for seeing it again on the big screen so feel free to invite me!!!

I also received the latest Harry Potter book through the post but unlike some of my friends list who devoured it in seemingly a couple fo hours I'm a slow reader and it'll probably take me the best part of a week or so before I finish it. Partially due to my slowness and partially due to me having other things to do and not being able to just sit down and pour over JK's words. So, anyone talking to me about the new book is still likely to be thumped hard as just because it's now been released doesn't mean everyone's read it! Thanks to those of you who have read it and put your thoughts behinds cuts though. I caught a few minutes earlier to read the first chapter and a half.

I had a weak moment about an hour ago when I actually considered going to Slimelight of all places.

Luckily that has passed and I'm going to stay in my nice dry warm home this evening and try and do some work - or maybe decide which I should be reading first - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows of the new Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness graphic novel.

Oh the decisions...

Bye! xx

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