Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

The Drowning of London

Every civilisation eventually falters and dies.

This morning what once happened in Atlantis has happened in London when the Thames Barriers were overwhelm by a tidal surge combined with the already waterlogged and birmming to capacity Thames after weeks of torrential rain that swept the United Kingdom and many parts of Northern Europe.

Due to the problems elsewhere in the country and the global situation which means that many of Britains traditional allies and partners have there own problems, emergency relief has been slow in coming. The Territorial Army, already mobilised in many parts of the country to deal with the localised flooding and already overstretched as many of its members are serving in the less troublesome hotpots of Zimbabwe, Afghanistan as well as serving as back-up to troops in Poland and the Baltic States - where fierce fighing has again broken out between NATO forces and Russian Union Troops who moved in to occupy the areas on March 8th.

Casualties in London, and surroudning areas, are as yet unknown. Police and Military have declared the area an Emergency Zone and have stated that no one should attempt to approach London at this current time. Any 'disaster tourists' coming to the area will be turned away and any breaking through exclusion barriers will be treated as looters and put themselves in danger of being shot.

Disaster Tourism has become a major, and lucrative, hobby for many around the world with some websites attracting millions of hits and supplying pay-to-view footage of on-the-ground not seen in the news footage recorded by largely unqualified and untrained amateurs.

The high profile case of Dudley Blaines is still taking place in the US after he was found guilty of not aiding victims of the LA Earthquake last August and filming the deaths of three people the authorities said he could have helped save by helping them from the wreckage.

And back in the real world... found the image attached to a BBC article on a new film called 'Flood' that's coming out here in the UK in August.  It's starring Robert Carlyle and based upon a 2003 novel by Richard Doyle.
No idea of the backdrop to the story (the rest of the above was just me making it up - not the plot of the movie) but I enjoy disaster movies so will probably go and see it if it hits the local cinemas.

In other news, although its very bright and sunny outside my window today apparently Britain has got more rain coming its way this weekend. With a lot of the South West still under water and many houses not having clean drinkable water this isn't good news. We do seem stuck between the floods of South West Britain and the harsh heatwaves of South East Europe at the moment (not to mention the massive temperature drop in The Alps on Tuesday! Went from 10C to -15C!!!).

Got to love our planet and it's little quirks!!!

London 'Flooded' in Disaster Film (BBC News Online; Saturday 28th July 2007)


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