Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Film) The Simpsons Movie

Went and caught the early morning screening The Simpsons Movie with alexmatt, sahra_patronesspond823and Freya this morning.

Am very glad I did as the film was very, very good. It was a little bit like watching a 90 minute episode of The Simpsons but it carried over very easily to the big screen and had a lot of the shows trademarked humour in it. If you like the series then you'll like the film. If you don't like the series then I don't suppose you'd be tempted by a movie version of it in the first place but I don't suppose it'd convert you if you did go.

SpiderPig is very amusing and the themetune is incredibly catcher - with Freya and sahra_patronesssinging and humming it away as we left the cinema. I really enjoyed the Green Day bit too. Actually I'm not sure what I could say was my favourite part.

If you're a fan - go and watch it. Great fun flick.

IMBD currently has it's average rating at 8.9/10 and it's the sites #75 highest rated Film!

School Report: B+ (Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig.  Does whatever a Spider-Pig does.  Can he swing  from a web?  No he *can't*, cause he's a *pig*. Look out! He is the *Spider-Pig*! )

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