Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(RPG) Mongoose's New License: Traveller

Mongoose Publishing announced one of their new licenses today. They are doing a brand new edition of Classic Traveller and also making the revised system OGL for other publishers.

They also announced two otehr games that will be coming out early next year which will also utilise the Traveller rules set. These are a brand new edition of Starship Troopers and the 2000AD property Strontium Dog.

Full Press Release Here

I'm glad the license is Traveller (as it's not one we ever considered trying to get) but there are a couple of things that really annoy me about their press release as they are factually incorrect. Companies should try and make sure that the Press Releases are accurate or at least get soemone who knows about the industry to write them on their behalf.

The two points which annoy me are the following:

**After a near 10-year gap in which only reprints of the Traveller game system have been available** - apart from the GURPS Traveller material, the T20 (d20) Traveller material and the material BITS have been bringing out I guess? Traveller has been supported with new material from a  variety of companies in the last 10 years over and above the compilation reprints that Far Future Enterprises have been bringing out themselves!

**It is our aim to halt the fragmentation of the Traveller game, and reintroduce one solid system (based on Classic Traveller), with one source for the official Traveller universe.** - Now this has actually annoyed me a lot less upon another reading. Initially I read it along the lines of  "We are the only true source and only true system". But upon re-reading it I see that this is their statement of intent not a statement of reality. I say this because QLI (the company behind T20) have already come out and stated that this new license in no way alters their own license and they are going to continue publishing Traveller books using the T20 system. I haven't heard anything from the GURPS crew yet but I suspect a similiar statement will probably be forthcoming regarding the continuation of GURPS Traveller (albeit they generally only produce PDF books these days but still...).

So it's Mongoose's *aim*. I can live with that one :p

Anyway, congratulations to the Mongoose guys and gals. I look forward with interest to see what happens with the line.

On a related note, can anyone tell me any company (beyond OWC and Sceaptune Games) that have published print OGL Runequest books so far? Or anyone know how the RQ OGL has penetrated the PDF market?


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