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Top of the World...

Feeling on top of the world is a dangerous situation. It means that you;re in for a fall sooner or later where you won't be feeling so invulnerable.

Today, in fact most of this week, I've been on an almost continous high.

I've had some great days and evenings with friends over the last ten days. Kicking off with the Pitch a couple fo Thursdays ago, through The Simpsons movie , various pub trips with friends, DVDs with friends, and last nights clubbing expedition into Camden.

Plus the weather - and the skies colour both today (brilliant blue) and last night at sunset (a fantastic myriad of colours from pink, orange, blue and grey) - has really helped.

I really enjoyed last night and it's certainly got my interest in clubbing fired up again. I had a great time with a whole bunch of friends I hadn't seen in ages - even if we ended up chatting about SLA, Cyberpunk, The Camarilla or general RPGing for much of the night :p

I also love the non-smoking ban. Being able to hang outside in the warm summer night is so much more social than beign trapped inside a club having to shout half-heard conversations at one another!

Plus I've had a bit of very good, but rather unexpected, news come through which has made me grin quite horrendously!

I am really fighting the urge to go into Camden drinking and socialising for the rest of the day. The weather is SO good atm and I do really feel on top of the world. I should make the most of this I think!

Tomorrow night is The Cruxshadows/Screaming Banshee Aircrew gig in Camden, next week is more friends and GenCon preparation followed the week after by the big event itself!

I can't wait. Hope this life keeps rolling in the right direction - I feel so brimmed with energy I feel I could dance the night away (although getting to the gym or going swimming would be good alternatives :p).

Thank you to everyone whose been part of my life this week. I really do love you all :)

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