Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Weekend Report

Sadly I didn't get to the gig last night as I discovered the stupid times the promoter had arranged the bands to come on with the next day being a school day. Apparently he thought it was a bank holiday here in Englad today (which it was when my grandmother got married 70 years ago!!!). You'd have thought that someone who had lived most of their life in this country would know by now when the bank holidays take place!

I swear if London had a core goth/industrial promoter who had a brain and the time they'd clean up in this city!

Anyway, due to Sunday nights not being the best for public transport and the main band due on stage after the last train I gave it a miss.

Got quite a lot done at home instead and popped over to my mothers for lunch in the afternoon which was nice and relaxed.Actually walked most of the way there as it was such nice weather yesterday.

Saturday night I was tempted out to Sinbad & Alex's and took wine and DVDs. Jasmina was there and Lianna come home later and the night was, again, relaxed and fun as we watched the fantastic 'The Departed' which is still a great movie on the second watch. It really has got some brilliant lines in it :)

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