Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Insomnia (kinda) returns

I've been awake since before 5am this morning and gave up trying to get back to sleep and got washed and dressed at about 5.30.

I'd forgotten what not being able to sleep is like. Just laying there, your mind a whirl of activity making sure that there's no chance you can drift back into that blissful state of a few hours rest.

I thought I was doing pretty well last ngiht too. After I got back from drinks with ukmonty(and probably due to the drinks with ukmontyon an empty stomach) I decided to have a reasonably early night (for me) and went to bed around midnight and read for a bit. That went pretty well and I was asleep by about 1am.

But my body and mind had other ideas. I'm fully awake and it's still over 3.5 hours before I need to be in at work.

I'm going to blitz a bit of outstanding C7 work at home and see how the time goes. There is a 'slim' chance I'll go down the gym when it opens for a swim and a bit of a workout. Then into work early to see if I can get ahead of myself as I'm not around next week at all.

Just hope tiredness doesn't catch up on me later and I nod off at work or in the middle of Roleplaying this evening!!!

Catch you all later and hope the rest of you (in my timezones anyway) are enjoying a good nights rest!

Angus Out.

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