Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Life, The Universe and Everything....

I realise I haven't been posting much about me recently, my life, what I've been doing, etc. in any great detail.

Suffice to say that things are going pretty well in Angus-land. I've been spending time with lots of friends (both old and new), have drunk more wine in the last ten days than I have in probably the last two years and have also now become  slightly addicted to coffee (I've always been a tea person up to a few days ago).

Life is interesting and exciting at the moment. Both personally and professionally. There's been lots of changes and I've really seen a very important aspect of my attitude to life change radically over the last month - thanks largely I think to 'The Pitch' and really realising that if you never try for something because you think it's outside your reach you will most certainly NEVER get it.

Thus I've started trying for things I wouldn't have done before.

We should be hearing back about The Pitch in the next couple of days as Company A is checking with another company they have a license with (for a seperate line of things which also cover the property we're after) to make sure they're happy with us producing an RPG line based upon the property as RPGs are generally in 'book' format. There shouldn't be a problem and if there is we've pretty much already agreed an alternative format for the range if we are given the chance to acquire the license. The whole experience, feedback and positive vibes we've receive off the company have been invaluable and a real morale booster for all involved with the proposed project so far.

I'm also going to France in mid-October for a few days. Looks like I'll be in Paris from Thursday 11th and coming back very early on Tuesday 16th October and going straight to work. I'll then be flying out on Wednesday 17th October to Essen in Germany for Spiele. Whilst in Paris I will be attending Salon du Jeux (probably on the Friday). hoping to try and catch up with Delphine et Alexander plus new baby (Joachim) either in Paris or maybe Rouen if we can make it down for a day, and visiting a few Museums and The Louvre as I've actually been very bad about seeing the proper sites in Paris as it's a city I've been visting since I was born and have never really treated it as a tourist attraction.

Tomorrow I'm flying out to Indianapolis for GenCon, returning to London the following Tuesday. Dave is moving in Wednesday/Thursday next week. Friday I'm off to Reading Music Festival - returning Monday. Then it's GenCon UK the weekend after that (Cubicle 7 will have a stnd there but I'm only working there at the weekend as I really need to spend 'some' time at the job that pays my bills! :p).

I should have email and web access whilst in the States but will only be checking in first thing in the morning and late at night (US time) from the hotel room.

I'll certainly be trying to post updates for you guys. Fingers crossed we sell lots of SLA Industries and Victoriana! We'll also be selling the multiple -ENNIE-nominated QIN: Warring States by 7th Circle Games on the stand (us companies with '7' in the title have to stick together afterall!!!) and attending the Awards Dinner with Valerie and co to cheer them, and all our other award-nominated friends, on to glory!

The next few months are going to be very hectic with one thing or another. I'm really looking forward to the ride.

Unfortunately any thoughts of an inheritance-fuelled proprer BIG holiday are out of the window for this year as I've pretty much now used up all my holiday allowance at work and, in any case, haven't really got the time before January to go anyway!

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