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US Not Bound By Torture Laws, Human Barcoding, LA Going Down, Vegas Buyout

The Wall Street Journal has uncovered a Pentagon Report that argues that President Bush isn't bound by international laws banning the use of torture! The report also argues that toturers operating under Presidential orders could not be punished. US 'Not Bound By Torture Laws' (BBC On-Line; Monday 7th June 2004)

I found this article last week when I wasn't having much "update time". Scary predictions for LA! LA "On the road to Falluja?" (BBC On-Line; Thursday 3rd June 2004)

On a lighter note - some Vegas news for those few of us that have to go their on business or actually want to go their on holiday. If this merger goes ahead they'll own about 50% of all the hotel rooms in Vegas and a two-mile stretch of the Strip!!! MGM Mirage is on road to Mandalay. (BBC On-Line; Monday 7th June 2004)

Shame it's not a tatoo really ;-p Hospitals test Barcoding Patients (BBC On-Line; Monday 7th June 2004)


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