Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

The Angoo Has Landed

I arrived in Indianapolis with corone just before 11pm local time (4am London time) and met up with Dominic whose flight landed about 20 minutes before ours so we could all share a cab to the hotel.

Checked into our suite (heh - look at us!) and ended up chatting for a couple of hours before tiredness seems to have slept my compatriots who have now retired to bed.

Being a Director of the company may have some perks but I've still ended up with the sofa bed! We opted for Dom to take the king-sized bed as he needs and deserves the sleep. Having an eight month baby keeps him awake most nights so we reckon this week is a good opportunity to get some good comfortable shut-eye.

We also have a jacuzzi! But for some reason it's actually in the master bedroom and not in a seperate room. I did suggest to the boys that we have a company bonding session and break it in but they seemed somewhat less than enthuiastic about the idea :p

Anyway, we're all here safe and sound. Talk to you later after we're rested.

PS - We have free high-speed wireless internet at the hotel! Yay! :)

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