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GenCon Day 0: Set-Up, Stardust and D&D4

Today was our first full day in Indianapolis and our first forays into the trade hall to set-up the stand and bump into/catch up with people.

This years Trade Hall is MASSIVE. GenCon Trade Halls are usually overwhelmingly huge but this is the biggest I've ever seen. It's easily 75% bigger than last year! A lot of this is to do with the vast increase in the area for electonic gaming (Peter was very canny and contacted many of the companies that show at E3 after it was announced that E3 wasa changing format this year) but there does seem to be a much larger non-electronic presence too. I fear there will be no way for me to check out the entire hall. It would have been hard had I four days dedicated to the job but with me manning the Cubicle 7 booth there will be no way I'll be able to see everything.

Anyway, set-up went smoothly and it was great seeing our buddies and con-neighbours from Exile Games Studios. Jeff and Melissa (banished_babe) are great and I'm looking forward to having them on the next booth this week :)

We'd finished so early that we could afford to go for an extended lunch with gmskarka which I'm sure we got through more refills than our meals were worth!

I also completely failmed in my chivalrous deed of the day. A girl was struggling with boxes when I was outside the convention hall en route to lunch chatting to the Green Ronin guys and gals, Gareth and Dom & Andy. She took a box up the stpes and I decided to help with the remainjing boxes which I thought were strapped to a small trolley. Imagine my dismay when the whole lot fell off and scattered all over the floor when I picked them up. No harm was done but I did feel a bit like a muppet much to the amusement of the others!

No more good deeds from me I think! :p

After a quick shopping trip (yay for cheap Jeans :p) we headed back to the hotel to do some preparations for tomorrow and then headed to the cinema to see Stardust. The film is really, REALLY good. Certainly in the running for my film of the year. It is a childrens story  but has plenty of adult moments. It's very funny in places and the acting is brilliant. I really liked Robert de niro in it :) When it finally comes out in the UK (October I believe) another screening is defiitely in order. They also showed a trailor/interview for the TV series of Bionic Women before the film. I forgot it had a British lead actress in the show - and forgot even more that she is the same actress who played Zoe Slater in Eastenders!!!! Looks very good in this though!

The evening has been spent in the company of more people than I could list here. Spent quite a bit of time chatting to Brennan and Fred (IPR; Evil Hat), gmskarka, Darren (Hero), Mal and Mike (Black Industries), Trey (GTS), rpgactionfigure, boxninja, natural20, the Esdevium crew, iamnikchick (Green Ronin - whom I seem to have been hounding all day! :p) and a host of others. Thew eve ning was interrupted by having to evacuate the building due to a fire alarm - which resulted in many people wandering away before we all returned inside to further drinking in a much less crowded bar.

Anyway, today has been a good start. I've been accused of flirting quite a bit but I think it's more me being friendly and chatty at the moment and Dom, Andy and co just trying to wind me up.  Tomorrow is start of the convention proper and I'm really looking forward to it!

Also, rumour and news of WotC announcing Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed have pretty much hit fever pitch. It's pretty likely something is in the works to be announced this week and the current D&D website seems to leave little doubt! Guess we'll probably find out later!

So, end of Day 0 and time for me to catch 5 1/2 hours sleep before we get up and get ready for the mad rush of Day 1!


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Aug. 16th, 2007 07:36 am (UTC)
I'm not convinced it's 4th ed, for, uh, 'reasons', it could be a wind up given the amount of speculation there has been about 4th ed, constantly.
Aug. 16th, 2007 10:36 am (UTC)
Glad you got there ok! Say hi to everyone from me - I'm dead jealous!
Aug. 16th, 2007 04:26 pm (UTC)
If you read your comments before leaving the con, please can you pass on my very best to Peter if you manage to speak with him (you'd better refer to Anne Boylan, still in Glasgow, as opposed to Anne Glass as he won't recognise that name).

I always loved the US cons esp. the trade ones, brilliant.

Aug. 22nd, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)
You guys were fabulous neighbors! I'm delighted I was able to spend so much time with you, Andy and Dom. I'd like to e-mail you, but it turns out I didn't get your address from you. Oops. Please send me a note, and pass my e-mail address along to the other guys: mmcnally@exilegames.com

Also, Jeff and I are seriously considering coming to Dragonmeet. Sadly, I'm having no luck getting on their website for info. Do you have some details you can send my way?

Aug. 22nd, 2007 11:31 am (UTC)
Hello :)

My email is angus@cubicle7.co.uk Dom can be reached on dom@cubicle7.co.uk - I guess I should really get Andy a C7 account too :p

Andy is also on LiveJournal as user name - corone

We're trying to bug Dom into getting an account :)

The dragonmeet site is currently down for maintainence. It's a priority once I get back from Reading Festival next week so hopefully we'll have something up and running then. I would LOVE it if the two of you could make it across :D

Anyway, back to work for me. I'll try to write later. Say hi to the guys for me!
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