Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Bullet-Proof - A post of many things...

Various things to post but limited time this evening. Hope to try and have more time over the weekend to flesh-out some of these bullet points:

* No Reading Festival for Angus - As the person I was going with had sold her ticket and I am completely knackered post-America I also asked Nicole to sell my ticket which she has now done. I need a rest and also have a million things to do both post GenCon and post Dave moving in. Plus I may be coming down with the a post-Con cold, want to catch a movie or two and try and hang out with a friend or two.

* Dave (daver2323) has now moved in. meganintheuk and Dave have currently popped out to hunt down some food. We also had pond823 (the other housemate who lived here before when Dave was here last) round earlier which was nice :)

* First day back at work today and boy am I knackered.

* As you can tell I got back safely from the States. Although the elements were against us (big storms) and our flight got cancelled and delayed numerous times. Still, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to still get out that night and was not either delayed for an additional day or whose plane got struck by lightning mid-flight (Been there - odd feeling)!

* My two PCs are in parts and my bedroom has no space for me to sleep. Actually it has no space full stop. Both of these are because of me disamntling the office so Dave has a bedroom. My laptop still connects (hello!) and I hope to sort out the other computers this weekend.

* Saw Shaun of the Dead last night and remembered what a great film it is. Shame Hot Fuzz was nowhere near the quality.

(and saving the best until last)

* At GenCon we unveiled a new game we're publishing this winter. It's Normal, Texas by the brilliant Jason Blair (he of Little Fears fame). It was originally going to be published by Human Head Studios but they closed down their adventure games division last Christmas. We chatted about taking it on under license and have finally (several months later) announced it! (Website is currently from the Human Head site)

* We also signed and sealed the translation rights to a whole bundle of games from 7eme Cercle at the show. We'd been chatting to Valerie and Florant for a while about translating Humanydyne and Kuro but have also struck gold by becoming the English publishers of tthe double-ENNIE award winning QIN: The Warring States! It was quite funny confirming the deal over dinner and then going to the ENNIE Award Show to see the game you just signed win two awards (it was nominated for six!). Wonder if the price would have gone up if we'd left it a day? ;p


* Victoriana 2nd Edition had a limited release at GenCon Indy and looks superb! Congratulations to Andy, Gabby and everyone involved in the project! We have copies winging their way across the Atlantic for GenCon UK next weekend (along with QIN and the rest of our SLA Industries and Victoriana ranges). Here's the cover...


* Right. off to sort the TV out and then clear some space to sleep in. The above Cubicle 7 info will be covered more in some Press Releases hopefully over the weekend when we have all recovered from the show. Thought you guys and gals would like a nice sneak peek though :p

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