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The Greek Fires

The fires raging through Greece at the moment are a tragedy on so many levels. There are so many of them and they have already destroyed so much land and so many homes.

Now one of the fires has entered Olympia, a 3000 year old archaelogical site and birthplace to the Olympic Games 2800 years ago. Firefighters have fought off, and held off, the fire so far but who knows what the next few days will bring. Some of the fires are travelling at more than a mile every few minutes.

Now whilst it is obviously so important to protect such a cultural and religious site and it's museum how can this be weighed against trying to save other people and their homes and businesses? Many villages are being ignored and left to fend for themselves. It's a really tough call and one I'm so glad I'll never need to make.

I have friends who live in Athens (which is also on fire in some suburbs) and I hope they and theirs are alright.

Another really terrible thing about all the fires and the deaths (over 50 confirmed so far) is that the majority of the fires around the country are suspected to have been started by arsonists.

Fight to Save Olympic Birthplace (BBC News Online; Sunday 26th August 2007)

I visited Olympia when I was in Greece as a student. It, along with so many of the historical sites in the country, is an amazing place. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to see it and would love to do so again in the future. I hope I, and many other people, get the opportunity to.

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