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Bah Humbug

It's been an odd day today. I've felt restless, distracted and a teensy bit happy/moody since I woke up.

My cold is pretty much gone which is good news. The last memories of my cough and sneeze are desperately lingering around reminding me every so often but by tomorrow I expect them to have been banished.

Dominique (Sister #2) also texted me earlier today to let me know she's brought Genevieve (Sister #3), Tom (Gens bf) and myself tickets for The Levellers Anniversary gig in Brixton next March. Which was a surprise but incredibly nice as I wanted to go but currently have no spare cash for gig tickets (which is going to be a major issue with me considering the Mission tickets for next years limited shows go on presale tomorrow and general sale on Saturday - apart from being dedicated 'album' gigs of my favourite Mission albums I am also expecting these to be the last Mission gigs - so I have to sort something out!).

To make matters worse my glasses broke in half today. Glad it was now and not when I was in the States but still...bloody annoying. I do have some old pairs (really nasty ones though but atleast I can see) and I'd already ordered some new ones before I went away which are waiting for me to collect. Problem is I still owe £500 ($1000) on them which I don't have available at present :(

I should speed up my games/comics/DVDs clear out.

Anyway. Bah humbug and all that. I'm off to scavenge some dinner. Catch you guys and gals later!

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