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It's life Jim...

Am tired. Am at work for my 7th straight day. Roll on Wednesday when I'm taking a day off come hell or high water!

I'm also going to try and get Thrusday off too. Have a ton of things to do at home/C7 and also would like to spend some quality time with a friend or two if possible.

That said, I opted out of going out last night (was just too exhausted and my eyes have been playing up due to the replacement glasses - must try and get that sorted this week). Instead I ended up watching 'This Is England' with Dave as he'd never seen it and the DVD arrived on Friday.

It was even more enjoyable second time round than when I saw it at the cinema. Very good film and an excellent period piece showing a bit iof life in Britain in the early 80's.

Anyway, was up early this morning to meet a friend in London and escort her across town to another station so she didn't get lost en route. It was under an hour from pick up to drop off but it was nice catching up however briefly. Might be getting a phone call again this evening for the return leg but it's not far and she should be able to manage it.

Now I'm in the office and should be doing some work. Just wanted to catch up on LJ/mail/facebook before I started though. Needed some sembalance of a rest today! Plus I may have found a very old, once close, friend on Facebook whom Delphine and myself lost contact with when he had a kid a few years ago! Hope it's him :)

Dave and myself are going to be at The Old White Lion in East Finchley later (from about 8.30) if anyone fancies joining us for a pre-week drink.

Saying that I'm quite keen on a reasonably early night.

Anyway, To Work Boy! (Whips himself). Better get going. See ya all laters!

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