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Being ill on your day off and Harry Potter

I have today off!!! Yay!!!!

I have a damn cold!!!! Booo!!!!

Typical though. You work on a sunny Sunday to get things cleared up for the week ahead and get a slightly less Sunny Wednesday off and in the intervening time you catch a damn cold. Sniff.

Nevermind though. Days off are good regardless, and I'm not feeling poorly enough for it to ruin things too much. Just means that I probably won't be getting down to the gym this afternoon and the Claytown Troupe gig at The Dev tonight might have to be missed. I'll see how I feel later about the gig. Another reason why the gig's possibly in doubt for me is that everyone that I knew who was going 'for sure' are now not. Gits :-|

Anyway, have enough SLA and general Cubicle 7 catch-up work to do today. Plus I need to pay bills (groan), chase up some ebay sales, and pop back to the old flat to collect any post and my election ballot papers for tomorrow.

Went and saw the new Harry Potter film last night with Sarah. It was alright but I've found that all three adaptations leave me wanting. The books are just so much more involved and interesting that the films seem like a series of rather badly edited 'highlights' with many more of the 'highlights' missing altogether. Still, I enjoy seeing them on screen and people who haven't raed the books (plus a number who have) seem to really enjoy them so I guess I'm being a bit too fussy. If you enjoy the films but haven't read the books please go and read them, they are ace (although not as ace imho as Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy which was the best book I read last year).

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