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The return of the PC and a B-Movie Farewell...

I have *finally* managed to get back online at home on something other than my laptop. Since Dave moved in at the end of August I've no had my desktops connected to the web which has been mildly iritating (to say the least) due to the fact that all my documents, emails, bookmarks and a host of other things were on them.

My little laptop coped well but I'm glad to have finally sorted the connection to the new desktop. The old desktop still has a few items I want to copy over from it (most notably my emails) and then it is probably going to the little electronic graveyard in the sky. It's very old and slow now. It'ss erved me well but I reckon I inherited from work back in 2002 and it had been in service there for probably a good couple of years. Ok, so I've upgraded and added bits to it - but at it's core it's still (probably) a machine from last century!

Anyway, hopefully the email situation will be resolved in the next hour or so and then I can launch myself fully into catching up with a million things and probably being a hermit because of that for the next millennium!

Went to B-Movie's Borthday Bash last night at Canal 125 with Dave, Rob and Becky. It was great seeing a whole bundle of people and catching up with them (mainly  LJ peeps - it seems everyone I know in clubland seems to also be on LJ :p), also met Dee's partner Nick for the first time which was nice (although didn't really get muchm social time with them).

I think, however, my love affair with B-Movie as a club may be over. This was the second time I've been since they moved from The Water Rats to Canal 125 (the first being their opening night at the new venue) and I must say I really don't like the venue. The Water Rats was, in my mind, a much better place to have a club. The layout was better and the place was more intimate (and usually bigger as B-Movie usually only have two floors instead of the entire building like last night). The Water Rats also had a much better dancefloor.

The upstairs room (where the better music was) was packed solid so we ended up decamping to the ground level where we managed to get a table and spent most of the night chatting and fooling around with wax (I like wax :p). The music on the gorund level was (and I'm sorry as I know and really like the DJ) not to my taste. I'm not sure what it was. It certainly wasn't anything akin to the music I'd expect to hear at B-Movie - a sort of light jazz, 50's/60's Christmas carol sort of affair you'd expect to hear in an OAP home during some celebration perhaps? With the music and downstairs layout we felt like we were at a restuarant and the only real reason we didn't go elsewhere was because we weren't looking for a late one in anycase. Great company, great ctaching up with people, but a disappointing 'club' night and one I sadly probably won't be returning to unless it's for a very special reason (or they change venues). This saddens me as B-Movie was my favourite club for 2-3 years.

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