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We were having a dsicussion about musicals* in the shop - trying to convince one of our regulars that they were a *good* thing. We covered a load of classics from Singing in the Rain, Sound of Music, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Rocky Horror Show, West Side Story, The Happiness of the Katakuris, the Elvis and Cliff musicals and so on.

Anyway, we started taking the piss a bit about what musicals there were - things like Countdown: The Musical (where Cliff plays Richard Whitely) and also Deep Throat: The Musical were all the songs are actually gargles.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I have since discovered courtesy of Google that there are at least two Deep Throat-related msuicals out there. One called Lovelace: The Musical (based upon the lead actress of Deep Throat) and the other called Cumalot: The Deep Throat Musical.

I'm at work so haven't followed the links. To be honest even once I'm home I think I'll give them a wide berth.

People scare me sometimes...

* The conversation started when the customer told us that there is an anime coming out(released?) based on the Sound of Music (The Von Trap Family or something...?)

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