Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Clubbage in London...

Ok, Angus needs some new clubs.

I quite like Inferno at The Electric Ballroom on the First Friday of the month but that's about it at present.

I loved B-Movie but won't be going again because I personally don't like the venue. With my love/hate/hate of Slimelight I'm a bit stumped atm although I have considered going and giving it another try and will probably cave in at somepoint only to remember why I dislike it.

I am probably going to give Tarantula at SIN on Charing Cross Road a go when I have a Third Friday free (and I feel awake). I also love the idea of Wrecked - a goth club crusing along the Thames - but the nexts one's this Saturday and I don't know how regular it is in anycase.

So, partygoers, what clubs can you suggest for me?

Requirements are good music, good company and a decent sized dancefloor* and general milling area  being Zone 1 or close to public transport would also be handy!

Music I'd be looking for would be more Industrial/Darkwave/EBM/Indie/80s/Rock/Goth. Please note that pure Metal clubs are not my thing and to be honest I'm not sure if a pure goth club would be these days - especially if it devoted itself to playing the more obscure tracks in the hope of being Gother Than Thou :p

* so this rules out many pub-based clubs and anything in a venue like St Moritz which, whilst I enjoyed lurking there a decade or so ago, is not really a 'club' but more of a narrow hall with a bar.


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