Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Saturday Night Boogie...

I wish I were going to Wrecked tonight (the goth/industrial club cruising the Thames...) but alas I am not, and could not even if I had a ticket as I'm busy.

I'll be drinking somewhere in Camden instead with a friend who's down from Doncaster. Originally I was also going to be providing a place to crash but that's changed as her cousin is now coming and so she is crashing there instead. As such I *may* (and I really stress the *may*) end up at Slimelight for the first time in bloody ages to catch up wwith some friends and some of the post-Wrecked crew *or* I may end up going alt/rock clubbing in Camden with my evening drinking buddies *or* I may  end up going home and crashing post-pub.

Personally I feel like clubbing tonight (although I am working today and do feel tired)  as I haven't been to a decent club in a while and am quite enjoying being a bit more socialable and meeting new people at the moment. Not sure if Slimelight is the best place for me (with my general opinion of the place) but am willing to give it another shot at somepoint.

I hope everyone who is going to Wrecked has a great time (Most of my London-based clubland friends seem to be going there by the looks of their LJs! -I am jealous of you all!) and maybe catch some of you later (if I don't crawl home to sleep).

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