Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Meme) The Years Fly By....

20 Years Ago, I...

1. ...Was working weekends on a clothes stall in Camden Market.
2....Starting my final year of GCSE’s and spending far too much time writing my own stories and playing games which my teachers told me ‘Would never earn me a living’... yeah, got that one right didn’t they :p
3. ...Went to my first ever live concert (Whitesnake at Wembley Arena on December 20th – so just qualifies for 20 Years Ago...!).

15 Years Ago, I...

1. ...Was going out with Dawn and had one of the best, and closest, group of friends around than possibly any other time of my life so far. Loads of sex, drugs and rock n roll with plenty of added gaming thrown in :D
2. ...Was studying Wicca and also doing my first writing for a game (Dark Winter by Network X)
3. ...Had my one any only ever operation – and had great fun with the stitches popping :p

(Actually 1992 definitely rates in the top 5 years of my life so far – I dug out the diary to remind me what happened this year and it really and truly rocked in so many ways :p)

10 Years Ago, I...

1. ...Met Delphine (although we didn’t actually start going out until the beginning of the following year), lived in four different places over the course of the year.
2. ... Went to Glastonbury, Virgin and Reading Festivals (Smashing Pumpkins, The Prodigy, Radiohead, Sneaker Pimps, Placebo, Blur, Suede, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, etc)
3. ...Was heavily involved with The Camarilla. Loads of sex, drugs and rock n roll with plenty of Live Action Gaming but not as much tabletopping this time round.

5 Years Ago, I...

1. ...I was living with Delphine and Dave in Finchley and working at Leisure Games. Downpoint of this year was Delphine and myself separating and her moving back to France. The upside was that we knew this was going to happen six months or so ahead of time so had plenty of time to prepare, do some of the things we had wanted to do and generally enjoy our last six months together. Point #3 threw a spanner in the works though...
2. ...Went to Brazil for the second time for one of their gaming conventions. I’d been the year before to launch the Brazillian Camarilla and loved the people and place so much just had to go back and see everyone again. Should *really* try and head back there at somepoint. Wonderful place.

3. ...Tore all the ligaments in the outstep of my left foot playing football which left me unable to walk for about six weeks. Unfortunately this happened the day after Delphine had returned from a visit to France and about 2-3 weeks before she moved back there for good – which threw out all the plans we had for the final weeks together. Living in a third floor flat and being on crutches watching someone you really love move out of your life and not being able to do anything to help (keeping busy means less thinking) is a truly awful experience. One of the worst days of my life.

2 Years Ago, I...

1. ...Dave and Sasha moved out (Dave to Scotland) and after a period of just me living in house (actually with Sarah most of the time I guess) Jade, Louisa and the two kitties (Wookie and Jizz) moved in.
2. ... Started doing a lot more gaming with Dom, Seth, Nicole and Toos.
3. ...Seemed to be doing a lot but getting nowhere...

1 Year Ago, I...

1. ...Brought Dragonmeet, Gameforce and Heresy Gaming and brought them under the Cubicle 7 roof. Also set up the London Branch (and to date the only branch due to bloody time) of The Gameforce Network.
2. ...Met Rosie
3. ...Managed to get to America twice on business and combined both times with a little R&R whilst there. After the Vegas trip I went to LA for the first time ever and saw Sisters of Mercy live (twice) plus went to the legendary Viper Room. Before the Indianapolis trip I managed to spend 24 hours catching up with Jess (an old flatmate) in another city I’d never been to before – New York!

So far this year, I've...

1. ...Surprised myself at how many doors open if you have the guts and confidence to give them a push.
2. ...Had two of my closest friends give birth (Dom and Elaine with Naimh and Delphine and Alex with Joachim) and paid a lot more time thinking about living life and forging futures.
3. ...Lived with a wonderful girl, got addicted to Starbucks (hot chocolate and cream...), split up with wonderful girl, went through rocky patch, hopefully got wonderful girl as wonderful friend now

Yesterday, I...

1. ...Went round to my mothers for a Roast Beef dinner to say goodbye to Sister #1 who’s moving to York on Thursday.
2. ...Worked at Leisure Games all day.
3. ...Fell asleep before midnight (an absolute rarity) with the light on and the book I was reading under me (not such a rarity)

Today, I...

1. ...Have been going through old diaries being amazed at how fun, overall, my life has been.
2. ...Am about to head out hunter/gathering food with Dave. This will either involve The Two Brothers (one of London’s best Fish & Chip Shops) or The Guru (one of Finchley’s best Indian restaurants).
3. ...Chatted to Dave about the appeal of genre TV series and why some (Charmed) work and run for years whilst others (Firefly) get canned before they finish even Season One

Tomorrow, I'll...

1. ...Be having a day off to catch up a load of Cubicle 7 work.
2. ...Be donning a suit and heading into London for a very important meeting.
3. ...Telling myself I’ll be waking up early and getting to the gym and then being annoyed at myself when I either sleep in or find another excuse why it didn’t happen...


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