Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Dating Sites?

If you have any comments, stories, or reccomendations/warnings of sites please mention them in comments.

*Please note, that this does not mean that I am looking to join any dating sites (I have old memberships of two - one from 2002/3! - that I haven't looked at for years), nor does it mean that I'm actually considering getting into a relationship at present (I'm way too busy for anything serious at present I fear, plus need to sort myself out so my head is in the right place). Plus, from my experience, dating sites don't really cater for people of a more alternative persuasion. I've hardly ever seen someone on a site whose been alt! Plus I do kinda like dating people I know and meet in person, it allows more growing and getting-to-know time (which I find important in relationships - I've rarely gone out with someone I didn't really know at all).

Have You Ever/Currently Use A Dating Website?

Thought about it, but not so far
Did. No Longer Do
Yes, I currently do

If yes, or did, which site(s) did you use?


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