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Clubs this weekend (?), SITD and Magic: The Gathering

1. Are there any decent goth/industrial/ebm/rock clubs taking place this weekend in London?

2. It seems I will be at the SITD gig at Sliemlight on the 20th October (the day i get back from Germany). Any of you guys/gals going to be there? Just for the gig or going to stay for the club afterwards? (I'm probably going to give Slimes club night anotehr go as I'm there and haven't really been properly 'clubbing' there for about two years or so).

3. Taught chaotic_jessy Magic: The Gathering this afternoon. We played with some old (8th Ed) single colour theme decks I had. She really enjoyed it (not least possibly because she beat me in both games) and has started down that slippery slope into Magic addiction I think. She's chosen to play Blue/Green in future so I'm left with choosing two from Black, Red and White. My old deck (back in the heady days of 93-95) was a fantastic Blue/White combo which seriously kicked ass. I still have it but it would be very unfair to start reusing it :p I think I might end up with a Black/White Combo at this rate.

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