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Back to Iraq

It's been a long old time since I spoke about Iraq in this Journal.

Unfortunately the longer it gets drawn out, the more people start becoming largely oblivious to it and it's becoming a forgotten war that will never be won. Of course in many ways the western governments that are militarily involved in Iraq would prefer it to be forgotten. That way they can eventually sneak their troops out with minimum fuss and not have to declare defeat.

Which of course the media and public will, eventually, allow them to do even if they'll be lots of mutterings of discontent and about the incompetence of the governments by fairly large segments of the civilian population.

The thing is that what the civilian population thinks and feels these days seems to have less and less influence on the government. Rewinding a few years and rememebring almost two million people marching in London alone (let alone the rest of the county and world) against the idea of invading Iraq meant absolutely nothing. All the people who desperately want a change in the governments policies behind the Environment are only heard when the various political parties feel they can score a few extra points between themselves.

The people, in this day and age in western society, are largely useless. All the governments really need you for is to keep paying your taxes and do your jobs to keep revenue coming in. They don't listen to you and it's YOU'RE fault they don't.

People need to be more pro-active, more vocal. They need to stand up for what they believe in and not just for a few hours in an important march but beyond that. They need to go out and vote (and maybe change their voting patterns if they are unhappy with the traditional choices), they need to actively campaign, march, boycott certain things and perhaps even civil disobedience because if enough people do it and support it then the governments and political parties HAVE to take notice. The alternative is that they start cracking down hard, but at the end of the day that would just spur more and mroe people into action against the governments.

Anyway, I'm heading way beyond the purpose of this post.

The purpose of this post was to highlight Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez, who was Commander of Coalition Forces Forces in Iraq between mid-2003-04. He lays into the US Goverments leaders calling them incompetant and corrupt and saying that if they had been military personnel they would have been tried for derecliction of duty. He condemns the current startegy in Iraq and also the catalogue iof political misjudgments that have resulted in the current situation over there,

Full story: US General Damns Iraq 'Nightmare' (BBC News Online; Saturday 13th October 2007)
Sanchez: Iraq War "A Nightmare With No End In Sight"(CNN; Saturday 13th October 2007)


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Oct. 13th, 2007 11:42 am (UTC)
>what the civilian population thinks and feels these days seems to have less and less influence on the government

Not entirely true: it depends on who is doing the feeling and what it is they are thinking about. For instance, there were a lot fewer people in the queues in the Northern Rock 'panic' than there were of us at the anti-Iraq war protests, and those queues and that 'panic' led to a rapid, only half thought-through, policy announcement not so long ago.

It depends whether the government forsees any consequences for it or for the country in general from those thoughts and feelings. 'The economy may go into freefall if we don't reassure Middle England its savings are safe' is a lot more scary to the government than 'Two million bleeding-heart liberal types are pissed off about a war in a foreign country that most of our population couldn't pick out on a map'.

In the same way, political parties put a huge amount of time and effort into coming up with policies (or at least soundbites) about crime and about immigration because those things scare the wider electorate out of all proportion to the direct effect they actually have on them.
Oct. 14th, 2007 01:04 am (UTC)

> Two million bleeding-heart liberal types

Who are the sort of people who always vote and would die rather than vote Tory and therefore will, like as not, vote for us anyway in four years...
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