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Mission "Farewell" European Tour Dates

The Mission's four shows at Shepherds Bush next year have been confirmed as the last Mission gigs before Wayne Hussey calls it a day on the band.

It was rumoured, and largely expected, that this was going to be the case. I have mixed emotions. It's been one hell of a fantastic ride over the last 20+ years. The early albums were fantastic and the later couple have been back on form - but they did really go astray for a bit in the 90's which was a shame. Live they have been one of the best bands I've ever seen and also one of the most disappointing. On a good night (and these have luckily outweighed the bad) there are few other bands who can touch them.

I'm really looking forward to next February's London shows but I know there WILL be tears at the end of them. Both onstage and certainly off it in amongst the crowd.

The Mission have also announced a final European tour. At these dates they'll be playing a mix of songs from all albums - but concentrating on the first four. I will admit I may try and get to one or two of them if at all possible. Afterall, this looks like the last chance I'll get to see a band that has been one of my favourites since 1985/6 play live.

In light of Mission UK singer Wayne Hussey's recent decision to call it a day for The Mission with the last ever shows being the 4 London Shepherds Bush Empire shows in UK at the end of February, the band have decided to play one last final, farewell European tour.

We realize that not everybofy can make it to the London shows so we are coming to you! Whilst the London shows remain a unique 'album per night' event the mainland Europe shows will feature a selection of songs from all periods of the band's history but with the emphasis on the first four albums. We hope to be able to see you there. Tickets on sale shortly. The tour in full:

The Mission 'Farewell Tour' 2008
Wed 6th: Paris Locomotive France
Thur 7th: Marseille Le Poste A Galene France
Fri 8th: Barcelona Bikini Spain
Sat 9th: Madrid Heineken Spain
Sun 10th: Malaga Teatro Cerventes Spain
Wed 13th: Milan Transilvania Italia
Thur 14th: Rome Circolo Degli Artisti Italia
Fri 15th: Florence Flog Italia
Sat 16th: Rimini Velvet Italia
Sun 17th: Zagreb Boogaloo Croatia
Mon 18th: Budapest A38 Hungary
Tue 19th: Vienna Arena Austria
Thur 21st: Hamburg Fabrik Germany
Fri 22nd: Berlin Maria Germany
Sat 23rd: Dresden Schleife Eins Germany
Sun 24th: Koln Live Music Hall Germany
Mon 25th: Utrecht Tivoli Netherlands
Wed 27th: London Shepherds Bush Empire UK
Thur 28th: London Shepherds Bush Empire UK
Fri 29th: London Shepherds Bush Empire UK
Sat 1st: London Shepherds Bush Empire UK

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mission statement from Wayne Hussey

I know I promised you a statement about my, and the band's, future a
little while ago but I've had to deliberate long and hard about this so
I've taken my time as this hasn't come as an easy decision for me to

I love this band and have spent the best part of my adulthood dedicated
to the cause. However, I do think it's time for me to try something

I've decided that the February London Shepherds Bush shows will be the
last Mission shows. The reasons are myriad and involved and I certainly
wouldn't want to bore you with all the details.
However, I do think I owe you at least some explanation.

Firstly, I want to say that in GIAB I think we made an album that
stands more than favourably alongside anything we/I have ever released
as The Mission. GIAB is a great way to bow out. I mean, I have made
some crap albums and it would've been sad to have finished with one of
them. But with GIAB we go out with our heads held high and secure in
the knowledge that our final album is a real goodie.

And that also brings me to the idea that the Shepherds Bush shows be
the last ones.....That is another great way to end. I wanted the band
to finish on a high and what better way to finish than by playing these
4 London shows celebrating the history of The Mission.

This is an opportunity for us to play for you, you who have been so
loyal and supportive to both myself and the band over the years, and to
be able to say goodbye in an appropriate setting and manner. It will be
emotional, I'm sure, for me as well as for you.

Life after Shepherds Bush? I'm not sure yet but I have been working
pretty much non-stop on Mission related projects for the last 4 years
and more to the detriment of my desire to work on other projects and
collaborations. I would really like to be able to go into my studio to
write and make new music without thinking 'How can I make this work for
The Mission?'
I shall greatly miss The Mission, Mark, Rich, and Springy, but I just
feel it's time for me to try something new. I'm not gonna say I'll
never come back to The Mission because, as you know, this has happened
before back in the mid 90's and I may well want a return to doing this
again after a sabbatical. Who knows? I certainly don't at this point.
Anyway, I'd just like to finish by thanking you for your support over
the last 22 years that The Mission has been in existence and I hope to
be able to say goodbye to you all in person at the Shepherds Bush shows
next February. Hopefully see you there for one last big ol' knees-up.

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