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New CDs - "Apocalyptica" & "Reverend And The Makers"

I've had a very good music day today.

This morning two new CDs arrived on my doormat and were waiting my arrival back from work.

First up was the new Apocalyptica CD "World's Collide" which is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to see them in December :)

Next up was a new British band called Reverend And The Makers with an album called "The State of Things". I'd heard two or three of their tracks on MTV2 and really liked their sound and lyrics. I'm not sure what category I'd put them in - I guess it'd be Indie by default but then that's such a broad category and has pigeon-holed a bit in the last decade since Britpop. Anyway, I'm currently on track 10 of the 12 and can honestly say it's a fantastic album.

A great choice of two CDs if I do say so myself :p


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