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Back in the UK again

Back home from Germany but haven't got the time to sift through the last four days of LiveJournal posts so if anyone has something they think I should see/read please leave a comment and I'll head over and have a look :)

Germany was good fun. Got lots of work done and saw lots of very nice new games.

Unfortunately my trip was tempered a bit by coming down with a stomach bug (I think this may be a lingering affair i had before I left but it flared up again whilst at Essen). It meant I spent a bit of time on each trading day back at the hotel instead of on the floor but I covered all the Halls and there's always the internet to fill the gaps or gatehr furtehr ifno if required.

Probably is that I'm due to go to the SITD gig tonight at Slimelight, followed by the night clubbing. Not entirely sure I fancy that at the moment - plus not feeling exactly 'social' this afternoon. I think 'worn out' and 'mildly disappointment/annoyed about something' are probably better descriptions at the moment.

I'll see though. Don't have to decide for another couple of hours.

Gameforce tomorrow at the Black Horse in Rathbone Place - hope to still see some of you there! :)

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