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Brief Catch Up

I'm off work today with the continuation of my stomach bug. I think if it's not feeling better in the next day or two I should really pop by the doctors to double check things are ok. Most stomach disturbances have been 24-48 hour affairs - unless I have actually come down with some sort of food poisoning as that can last a while - although i haven't really had any otehr symptoms apart from feeling a bit drained and tired (which i could attribute to other things beyond a tummy upset so may not be related).

I've cancelled tonights plans too and luckily don't have anything on tomorrow evening (even if I do manage to make it into work) so this week is looking good for a relaxed recovery - although I have to do lots of other work for Cubicle 7 & Dragonmeet if I start feeling a bit better and slightly more awake!

I'm sorry I haven't really written anything about the weekend or the Essen Games Fair as yet. I've not really felt up to it and haven't really been on the computer much - preferring to cuddle down in bed with a book or just sleep when I've been at home.

Essen was very good (apart from the stomach) and I saw quite a few very interesting games and had some very good meetings and conversations (for both Leisure Games and Cubicle 7).  Highlights of the event were the aftershow gatherings (as usual). Went for drinks/meal with James Flowers from RedBrick Limited (the publishers of Earthdawn and Fading Suns) who had come to the show all the way from New Zealand. James and myself had chatted a bit on email/Skype but it was brilliant to finally meet him and just chat about stuff. It seems we share more than a few similiar ideas about things. It was also good meeting some of the RedBrick crew - two of which (the Fading Suns Line Developer and one of the writers) live in London so I'll be catching up with them again hopefully sooner rather than later. I also spent quite a bit of time with Ignacy and Rafael from Polish Company Portal Publishing whom Cubicle 7 are partnered with to translate and publish some of their games in English. I also had a really nice evening on Thursday night with the Dan (Esdevium Games) and John Zinser (AEG) which included a meal, a trip to the Mexican Cantina for a 'few' Strawberry Mageritas and loads of chatting about stuff past present and future. It was really great catching up with a load of people - many of which I sadly only saw at the 'French' Party on Friday night (Mr Kovalic I'm looking at you :p).

I also bumped into someone whom I'd heard would probably 'whack me one' if he ever saw me again. Admittedly that was about 13 years ago and the last time I'd heard from him was when he was round at my house until 12.30am waiting for me to return home (I was out with his fiancee - he had luckily left by the time I did get home). The girl in question split up with him two days later when she next saw him and ended up going out with me for a while so he possibly had a point. Anyway, I didn't realise it was him to start with and it all went peacefully so I guess no one really worries about something that happened over a decade ago.

Anyway, nature calls so I'll stop the post now :p

Hope everyone is doing well and those of you off to the Whitby Gothic Weekend this week have a great time. I just realised that it was ten years ago (1997) when I was last at the event!!!

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