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Nickelback & Kharma 45

Don't ask me why because I don't know.

But for some reason I'm really liking Nickelback's "Rock Star" song atm. Now I know it's true that I've actually (ahem) liked some Nickelback tunes in the past and I realise that this is 'uncool'. But hell, when did that ever bother me :p

I also discovered that most of the versions on YouTube are weirdly censored with some words deleted (apparently we're not allowed to say drugs these days?) but I found an uncensored version to give you.

Nickelback - Rock Star (Uncensored)

I've also *finally* loaded Skype on the new PC so I'm back online with free speak again :)

I've also realised that some people you meet in life, however briefly, leave such an impression on you that you will always miss their presence and wonder how they are doing no matter how long ago things were. It's both a joy and a curse when a number of the most important and influential people you've known in life and connect with seem to fall into this category. I really hope paths entwine again in the future. I just regret not having the intervening years filled. Whoa! Introspective Angus! Snap out of it boi! :p

Ooo... also want to share another music vid with you. I saw British band Kharma 45 last year sometime as a support act to someone and was really impressed (I think I preferred them to the headliners but as I can't recall who headlined right now that's not much use - but might indicate it was true :p).  I think they are great and reckon they will be a band to watch in 2008 as I wouldn't be surprised to see them start breaking through and becoming more of a household name.

Kharma 45 - Ecstasy


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