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25 Hour Days

The last weekend in October is always a weekend I enjoy and wish every day could be like it.


Because of the 25 hours we have on Saturday that's why!

I always complain about wanting more time in the day and for one day a year I get my wish.

So what did I do with my extra hour? Did I spend it constructively working away on Project X, Y or Z?

No. I took a friends advice and actually spent it playing a computer game for 45 minutes. It's the first time sicne the summer I've played a PC game and I was told I should relax more so for my extra hour I did. Then I ended up talking philosophy with Jasmina on MSN until 3am (old time; 2am new time) before reading and then going to sleep.

A Dragonmeet website should be up and running properly on Tuesday/Wednesday and we have a holding page up on in the meantime. The relaunch of a new website is still a little way away but the main thing is that something is up there promoting the event and providing information on what's happening, our special guests, traders, etc.

Jasmina is currently battling the rain and the London Transport system (which has loads of engineering works this weekened on all the lines she needs to get here - we had the same problem yesterday when i helped her move down to Hammersmith/Barons Court). We were going to see Stardust but I think we're putting that on hold due to time. Instead I'm cooking a Sunday Roast (yum yum), probably watching Apocalypto as she's not seen it before and then heading to Islington Academy for The Birthday Massacre gig this evening.

Things are moving in the right driection (work wise) once again. My stomach complaint seems to have finally gone and I'm looking at a week where I have more nights to stay at home and just work for a change than other commitments.

Of course I'm at the Carter USM reunion gig on Friday (possibly followd by inferno) and then I'm working at the shop next Saturday as the usual crew will be heading down to the London Dungeons in the evening to organise and run special events for the World Dungeons & Dragons Day. We also have a special guest in WotC D&D Designer and Developer Dave Noonan and a three-metre life sized Troll in attendence (I wat to see if I can grab the Troll for Dragonmeet too :p).


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