Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Phones, work and birthday weekends

I have a day off today but am blitzing things at home.

It has been a really productive day so far. I was up at 6.45 this morning and after breakfast and checking some blogs/forums started work by 8am. I'm taking a break now as I wait for pizza to turn up for Dave and I as I am currently housebound and can't wandered down the road in fear of missing the DHL man.

I paid o2 for Express delivery of the new phone (a before 10am service) but when I range them at 12.30 they gave me DHL's number whom, when I spoke to them, informed me that o2 had actually sent the phone by standard service which is a before 5.30pm service - thus scuppering any hope of possibly going out this afternoon until the phone arrives. Luckily I didn't have plans anyway, but I didn't tell o2 that when I rang them back up to complain. I've had my fees refunded and been given a months free credit against the phone rental so it's not all bad.

I just now need the phone to arrive.

It's birthday weekend this weekend. Jasmina's is on Friday (poor baby will be 22) and then my Mums on Sunday (who is considerably older than 22 ;p). Not entriely sure what the weekend is brining but i know a few of us are gathering on Friday ngiht for food and dvds for Jasmina's birthday and we 'may' be seeing a film on Saturday morning/afternoon or going somewhere green before descending on a Thai restaurant in Barnet for my Mums bash. All sisters plus other halves will be in attendence and the whole thign is a treat from my Mums neighbour and his wife who are very close family friends. Should be a fun evening. Sunday is recovering and possibly a Sunday roast back at the Motherships and 'maybe' a board game of something.

So, it's probably good that I have today and tomorrow off to blitz things as I don't suppose I'll have much time this weekend.

(Am slightly annoyed that I daren't play any music whilst I work incase I miss the doorbell and thus the phone delivery - the new Diary of Dreams CD arrived for me today and I really want to listen to it!!!)

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