Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

North Sea: Closed For Business

Bit wet and windy isn't it. But apparently it's a lot worse out at sea...

We have flood alerts all over the north and east of the country (estimated 9.5 foot storm surge possibly hitting the coasts), the Thames barrier has been closed as there expecting about a 5 foot storm surge up the Thames. Holland is on top alert with flood defences going into action. Germany and Denmark are expcting dire weather and many of the oil platforms in the North Sea and battoning down or evacuating which is expected to push up the price of oil beyond the high of $98/barrel it's already at!

My home town sounds like it could be under water by the morning if all goes badly. The joys of living next to the sea I guess.

Anyway, apparently the North Sea is seeing its worst storms in decades which has prompted all this raection.

I remember being on the Channel back in '87 and that seemed pretty bad - we weren't allowed on the deck of the ferry and all the doors were chained shut. For good reason to as the ferry was swaying from side to side so much due to the wind that all the windows were being completely submerged by water - both the side windows and the ones on the doors and higher! Our ferry was the last to leave France and we'd already been moved from one port that had closed because of bad weather. we really shouldn't have been at sea and ended up having to wait in the storms as it was too dangerous to approach Dover due to them - they were afriad the ferry would be pushed into the harbvour enterance if we tried to dock.

God knows what it's like out on the sea atm.

Fingers crossed for the storm and urges not causing too many problems!

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