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Abbey National - Turning into a bunch of f**kwits

Dear Abbey National,

Thank you for transferring me trhough to another department to help with my enquiry. Unfortunately that department kept me on hold for 15 minutes before stopping the automated voice message saying my call was important to you and playing me some tinny classical music and instead replaced this with a ringing phone tone.

This tone has now been going on for over two minutes and I don't believe anyone will be answering it any time soon.

I appreciate you are busy but I'm phoning to compain about over £120 of charges you've put onto my account when you changed my overdraft limit from £xxxx to 0 without informing me. This was especially irksome as I was actually £968 into that overdraft at the time which suddenly showed up as a very big minus OVER my overdraft because such overdraft had been reset. Also for this pleasure you bounced one of my standing orders because I was overdrawn.

Your counter staff reacted with surprise at this and immediate reset my overdraft limit, indeed they raised it slightly higher to accomodate for the charges that have been placed on my account due to your removal of it in the first place.

I have been told to phone you on this number, 08459 724 724, as you can help me reverse the charges on my account. Unfortunately, now after 20 minutes, it seems unlikely that you are indeed interested in doing so.

Your service has seen a remarkable decline in the last six months and after 18 years of banking with you, pretty much without incident, I am now becoming increasing convinced I should take my business elsewhere to an establishment that has more customer care and less screw-ups.

Yours SIncerely.

Angus Abranson

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