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The Dev Changes Hands

A bit of a bolt out of the blue this one. I was in The Dev on Monday and saw ansd chatted to Robin behind the bar and there was no indication of the changes coming this week.

Apparently Jenine and Robin were told yesterday at 10am that they were being sacked as landlords of the Dev and have a week to vacate the flat above. New management has already been brought in and some cosmetic changes have already ocurred at the pub (mainly removal of the spider-web drapes on the stage area, more ligthning behind the bar and the removal of some of the figurines apparently.

I've not been down there since Monday (prior to the changeover) so can't comment from first hand knowledge. There does seem to be some fairly reliable news though and it sounds like The Dev is going to remain as an 'alternative' pub - albeit catering more for specifric types of music on different nights - Goth, Punk, Metal, etc. It also sounds like the new management have a lot of ideas on what to do (such as free band nights, making the outdoor smoking area more comfortable for the winter, etc). The management apparently also run The Hobgoblin in Brighton which has a rock/alternative reputation down there.

I've known Robin for 11 years (originally met when we were both in the Camarilla) and have been going to The Dev for 17 or so. It will be a shame to see Robin go but the Dev has been through several changes over the years.

The pub trade is notoriously bad for just ousting people. Landlords often don't only loose their jobs but their homes too as many 'live-in' in the residences above the pub itself. I hope both Jenine and Robin get themselves sorted quickly and I hope I continue to bump into Robin around the place.

As for the Dev, I only pop in their occasionally these days as Camden is no longer the centre of the Known Universe for me and I have lots of other things on. Glad I was in there on Monday but as both gypseymission and I wondered at the time "the pub just isn't very busy anymore I wonder how long it can hold out this time".

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