Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

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Hi Angus :) did you make it back home ok on saturday? xx

No. I got kidnapped by time travelling KGB operatives from the New Soviet Republic of the 24th Century. I've just spent the last thirty years leading a rebellion there before finding a worm hole that brought me back to Earth three years ago whilst the world of the New Soviet Republic was destroyed by an alien race of watchers called The Liensjos.
I've been hiding out in Central Africa since my return as I didn't want to create a paradox by both myselfs being in the same locations. now my younger self has been taken away I can now try and reclaim my former life, albeit 33 years older. Luckily the time stream seems to have rejuvenated me though and I think i'm almost the same now as when I left. I've met a few people i remember since my return and they didn't seem to notice anything wrong so I guess i'm ok. If I recall, you were supposed to meet me this Thursday. Still up for that? It's been years (for me) since I saw  you and it'd be good to see if you're as I remember you. Hope you've been well, xx

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